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20-23 october 2010, Bordeaux (France)


On 22 October, at Goethe Institute in Bordeaux, took place the inaugural meeting of the project "Purposes and values of Russian cultural heritage in Russian language teaching for adults in Europe (Parus) in the framework of the European programme (Grundtvig).

The event was hold in presence of Hungarian, Greek, Belgian and Turkish partners. The Italian delegation was absent.

Igor Zhukovsky, president of the organisation "Russia-Aquitaine", the initiator of this project, and Carmen Marcou, director of Goethe Institute of Bordeaux, have welcomed the participants in the large meeting room decorated in the colors of the European Union.

Visiting delegations presented their respective activities within the various national structures: Russian language courses for children and adults, theatre performances and folk dances, festivals, conferences ... All these events contribute to a better understanding of Russian culture. The partners also stressed the achievements and difficulties encountered in teaching the Russian language in each country.

Then, Ms. Antonina Zhukovskaya, Project Coordinator,  presented the main aspects of the project Parus. The Russian cultural heritage in Europe represents an enrichment for many countries, notably  thanks to the immigration of Russian elites.

As pointed out by Ms. Joukovskaya, as from now, each partner should work on the presence of this heritage in his own country and  integrate it in the teaching of Russian language under various  informative forms.

Mrs. E. Forest-Glazoff, President of the Stravinsky Company, evoked in her speech  the possibility to spread the Russian musical heritage through the organisation of concerts of Russian classical music with the participation of Russian and foreign musicians.

During the roundtable, partners clarified the division of tasks and timing of future meetings.

The seminar has been completed with the presentation of the traditional "karavail" (welcome bread).

The evening of friendship continued in the restaurant K Baroque in a friendly and festive atmosphere.
On 23 October, the seminar ended with a visit to the Abbey of Faiz in the field of Maurice Druon,  French writer with Russian roots. The visit, with kind permission of Madam Druon, agreed perfectly with the spirit of the project Parus.
Participants tasted some local wines of the Chateau de Fronsac Jumaye and Dauphine.