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About the project «Parus»


Purposes and values of Russian cultural heritage in Russian language teaching for adults in Europe

To learn a foreign language is to discover another culture and a different cultural heritage. Speaking additional languages can contribute towards mutual knowledge of parusdifferent cultures and heritages that coexist within Europe.

Adult learners are increasingly aware of the importance of cultural heritage, but it appears that this is neither conceptualized nor didactically transposed in foreign language education schemes. 
Russia’s cultural heritage certainly plays an integral part in European and world heritage. The Russian language may also be seen not only as a means of communication but also as a key to the comprehension of a culture that is still unknown to a great extent. 
It therefore seems legitimate to integrate Russian cultural heritage in the education schemes of adult learning. 
Exploring the links between Russian cultural heritage and Russian language learning, combining the concept of heritage and foreign language learning - these are the ambitions of the international team who will work on this project.

    The project will:
  • refresh the Russian cultural heritage, integrating it to the learning process and training schemes for adults ;
  • develop cultural and educational itineraries, real as well as virtual, drawing them on the map of Europe;
  • identify the most important places of Russian cultural presence in Europe and to show their cultural value for Europeans.